PC-TAS: Phase Change Thermo-Acoustic Simulator

PC-TAS is a simulation software for 1D acoustics and thermoacoustics. Developed in the Water and Energy Technologies Laboratory, it is the only available simulation tool for phase-change thermoacoustics.




MATLAB Application

The recommended way to run the software. The app is compatible with MATLAB 2020b or a later version. Simply download the file and install it through MATLAB.

IMPORTANT! Due to a bug in MATLAB 2022a, PC-TAS is incompatible with this version.

Desktop Application

The desktop application can be installed if a suitable version of MATLAB is not available. The app is compatible with Windows 10. It was not tested on (but should be compatible with) Linux, Mac or previous versions of windows.  The compiled app requires MATLAB runtime that will be downloaded automatically during installation. Please uninstall any existing versions of MATLAB runtime before installation to avoid path clashes.

V1.0.5 Release Notes

  • A few bugs in saving and loading were fixed.
  • In the Calculator Tab, pressure limits were added.

Feedback and Bug Report

We are happy to receive any feedback regarding our software, including bug reports, questions, suggestions and requests. Please contact us through the following form.

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