Phase-Change Thermoacoustic Heat Pump for Residential, Industrial Applications

The novel heat pump, developed by a research group in Israel, consists of a loudspeaker, a resonator, and a thermoacoustic core placed inside the resonator. The core includes a cold heat exchanger, a stack, and an ambient heat exchanger. (ENGLISH).

How Sound Waves Could Power a Greener Air-Conditioner

At an APS meeting on fluid dynamics, researchers discussed thermoacoustic heat pumps, a decades-old technology they believe could emit fewer greenhouse gases than conventional cooling technologies (ENGLISH).

Heat pump uses a loudspeaker and wet strips of paper to cool air

A prototype heat pump that uses water and sound to cool is three times as efficient as previous comparable designs (ENGLISH).

Squeezing the Sun in Remote Ethiopian Fields - לסחוט את השמש באזורים החקלאיים באתיופיה

A water pump developed in the Technion and runs solely on solar energy, is intended to improve yield in remote agricultural fields (HEBREW).

Harnessing Solar Power to Pump Water

Technion Magazine Spring 2022 article - on the use of thermoacoustics to power water pumps in remote locations (ENGLISH).

Oil, Water, and Everything Between - שמן, מים, ומה שבינהם

On the behavior of microscopic oil droplets in water, and how they affect filtration equipment (HEBREW).

The Silent Engine - הקול בראש: המנוע השקט בדרך להשתלט על העולם 

In a Technion lab, researchers are developing the engine of the future, using sound waves to replace all moving parts. The result should be cheaper, more durable, and environmentally sound: "it sounds like science fiction, but it's definitely possible" (HEBREW).

Technion Team Gets Prize for Water-From-Heat Tech

Mauerberger Foundation award, granted for the first time, aims to strengthen academic ties and exchange of ideas between researchers in Israel and Africa

Zavit Science and Environment in Israel 2018 article on the lab’s research into acoustic energy conversion, and it’s attempts to develop improved refrigeration and power generation devices based on heat-to-acoustic energy conversion.

Technion Magazine 2018 article on the lab’s research on modeling fracking wells to predict contaminated water back-flow (HEBREW)

Technion Focus 2017 article (pg. 7) summarizing the lab’s research interests in membrane filtration, acoustic energy conversion, and hydraulic fracking water treatment (ENGLISH).