Welcome to the WET Lab!

We are engaged in fundamental questions related to the sustainable production of energy and water. Research activity is focused on gainingĀ insight into the micro- and nano-scale physical-chemical processes that underlie many engineering applications. We employ theory, computation and experiments in order to probe the mechanisms at play and find explanations to complex phenomena. These insights then translate to knowledge that can help improve current engineering practice, making it more energy efficient, or develop new methods, approaches and materials for performing separation and energy conversion.

Current efforts involve membrane separation technologies, employed for water production from impaired sources, e.g. sea/brackish- and waste-water. Themes explored involve membrane formation and transport, fouling and deposition of colloidal material and bacteria. We study how these processes affect overall membrane performance and ways of making water production cheaper and more sustainable.

Another main theme is energy conversion from low-grade heat and salinity gradients. In particular, we are working on developing new technology that can produce energy with no moving parts, opening exciting prospects for cheap and reliable construction.

We hope the site offers a window into our activities. We greatly enjoy interaction with other scientists and engineers across disciplines – academia or industry. So, if you find anything here interesting… please do not hesitate to contact us or, better still, come visit!